Benefits of MTPE

Benefits of Machine Translation Post-Editing

MTPE couples the lightning speed of machine translation with the intelligence and understanding of human editors. If, in the past, you had to allocate a lot of time for both translation and editing; now you allocate time virtually for editing only, because machine translation takes only a few seconds. By choosing MTPE, you will reach your business goals faster.

  • Reach your goals 2 to 3 times faster!

    Machine translation takes almost no time. However, since editing is performed by human editors, it takes a little bit of time. How long? Well, it depends largely on the quality of the translation generated by the MT software.

    If an expert professional linguist can manually translate 3000 words in a day, s/he can post-edit between 7500-9000 words in a day. MTPE process completes your project three times faster than the conventional human translation process.

  • Reduce your costs by half

    We have been in the business for a long time, and we have noticed that the price of MTPE is 40-60% lower than the rate of traditional translation-editing-proofreading (TEP) process.

    Depending on your quality demands, target audience, and style, our editors can do light or deep editing, each affecting the process duration and the final product price.

  • Placing your products in the market is now ridiculously fast!

    If you agree that time and timing are the most determinant factors in today's global business, then MTPE is the way to go! By using MTPE, you can reduce costs and save precious time, so that you can get ahead of the competition more easily.

  • The 21st Century Way

    MTPE is the 21st century way of multilingual communication. MTPE will not simply take over the traditional translation process in the near future-it will skyrocket!

    MT has shifted the paradigm of human communication. It demolished the language barrier that had kept people isolated for thousands of years and dependent on the lengthy, traditional translation process.

Save Time and Money with MTPE

Time and timing are the most determinant factors in today's global business. Go 21st century way.

Read the benefits of MTPE and start your translation project now.