How MTPE Works

How MTPE Works

How MTPE Works

Ailaysa is an exclusive service provider for machine translation post-editing. Here is how the whole process works:

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    Enter your text on the home page, select languages and click 'Get Started'. A price estimation page will appear. Check the fees and place your order. Alternatively, if you want to upload files or need to discuss with us on your special needs, click the 'Get Quote' link and fill the form. We will send you a quote.

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    Either way, once you've placed the order, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to you. The dedicated PM will take care of your project throughout the process. You can monitor the status of the project and communicate with us through the customer portal.

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    Your dedicated PM sends the content to the editors. The editors are carefully selected taking into account their expertise in the subject matter. The editors are native speakers of the language they edit.

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    A suitable MT engine is selected for your language pairs and subject matter. The editors will edit the raw MT output. They run a quality check on their work to ensure everything is in the right place. The edited content is then sent back to your dedicated PM.

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    Your dedicated PM will run another check before sending the final files to you. You can start using them. If you find any problem in the final translation, we are here to assist you.

Secret of Successful MT

The right combination of the most suitable MT engine and the best domain specific editor is the secret of the successful MTPE outcome.

Reap the benefits of MTPE and start your translation project now.